Has your radiant summer glow that you worked so hard for starting to fade away?

Summer days in the sun are gone as we know it, only to be replaced by windy, winter weather and late nights at the office. We've put together the top five tips to keep your skin like summer glow whether it be to indulge in our Super Hydrating Mask, or following a nutritious diet. The fact is, we know that the radiant glow you want (oh so much!) can only truly illuminate from within you.  


Here are our five super tips and tricks to get Skin Like Summer!

1. Stay hydrated

Make sure your drinking around 2 litres a day to revitalise your body, and give your skin that all important boost. Why not make it fun for yourself by infusing flavours! Add lime, lemons, and oranges (which is why we enriched our mask with citrus oil goodness) to transform plain water into a spa like beverage. Your mother was always right on this one: trust her- and us! 



2. Tend to the skin with tender herbs

Mint that is. Fresh mint is a tender herb that has strong antibacterial properties and contains salicylic acid: all of which detoxifies, fights oxidative damage and boosts collagen in the skin. It’s no coincidence that this is another key ingredient in our skincare mask!

3. Rest Well

There’s a reason why it’s called beauty sleep! Getting enough sleep is always important, because while you’re snoozing, you’re skin’s repair mechanism swings into action. Make aiming for 8 hours your last winning skincare move of the day - your skin will thank you for it in the morning.

4. Hit the gym

Regular exercise is one of the keys to healthy glowing skin, and any form of physical activity benefits you. There are lots of fun and creative ways to be active. Hitting the gym doesn’t mean you must be in a room filled with weights and treadmills. The entire world is your gym, so from Pilates in your front room to trekking up the mountains, welcome and embrace activity in all its glorious forms.

5. Pay attention to your skin care regime 

Consistent skin care is very important, and will contribute to how you look 30 years from now. Skin care should not be the chore you hate doing you, think of it as a treat from you to your skin. Our Super Hydrating Mask is both hydrating, and moisturising - which happen to mean two very different things - and is simple to incorporate into your routine.  Patience and consistency are key in achieving a gorgeous and radiant complexion, and while you can feel the difference with our mask from first use, religiously sticking to your regimen keeps skin looking divine all day every day. You are most definitely worth the investment!

This cold weather is bound to give you breakouts and your indoor heating is certain to suck the moisture right out of your skin. Keep your skin hydrated all-year round by using GLOWLIXIR’S Super Hydrating Mask. Say goodbye to dry skin and red blemishes this winter and own your skin like summer glow!